A good education starts in the belly.

Kathy of the TomKat Ranch with Regina and Maria of the school district's lunch staff

Part of what we do at the TomKat Ranch, home of Leftcoast Grassfed, through the TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation is work to improve the student meal program at the local La Honda-Pescadero Unified School district. A big inspiration for that comes from the work Chez Panisse Foundation and Center for Ecoliteracy are doing with the Berkeley Unified School district’s meal program.

Now, a recent study by UC Berkeley proves children’s lives can be positively impacted by such programs and we’re glad to hear it. But there’s more we, and you can do. Congress has taken up the cause of improving school meal programs, but hearing inspiring comments from voters about how important food education and proper diet are to the lives of children is vital to making sure Congress does it right.

So please, if you have a moment, call your Representative, go see them if they’re near you on a campaign stop, or drop them an email and ask them to get cracking on S.3307 – Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act legislation.  The Bill isn’t perfect. It only adds about 6 cents per lunch and required restructuring the food stamp program to come up with the money, but it’s an important step to combating the child obesity epidemic affecting the nation.

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