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Please use this handy guide to help you better understand the difference in the cuts of meat we sell, where on the animal they are from, and how best to prepare them.

You can download a price sheet here. And please remember, prices are per pound, not per item as weights may vary.

We offer Steaks, Roasts, RibsGround/Stew/Stir Fry, some Offal options, and Shank/Bones.


What exactly is a steak? A steak is simply any cut of meat across the muscle into a thick slice with some exceptions such as the flank or skirt steak. Steaks are intended to be cooked quickly by broiling, grilling or searing. We sell the following steak cuts:

(links to recipes & tips)
Filet Mignon 2 – 2″ 1 lb $26.99
New York 2 – 1.25″ 1.3 lbs $20.99
Rib Eye 2 – 1.25″ 1.2 lbs $21.99
Rib Steak (bone in) 2 – 1.25″ 1.4 lbs $19.99
Top Sirloin 1 – 1.25″ 1.3 lbs $15.99
Knuckle (Sirloin Tip) 1 $9.99
Petite Filet 1 1 lb $16.99
Flank 1 1.1 lbs $16.99
Flat Iron 1 1.2 lbs $15.99
Skirt 1 1 lb $18.99
Hanger 1 1.1 lbs $18.99
Bavette 1 $15.99
London Broil Steak 1 – 1.25″ 1.4 lbs $7.99

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What are roasts? Meat cut as roasts are larger sections of the muscle left big enough to feed several people in one sitting. Due to their large size and often from meat less desirable for cutting into steaks, roasts are meant to be cooked using lower temperatures and often with dry heat methods as in ‘oven roasting’. Though some of the leaner roasts are meant to be slow cooked in a liquid base to assure they stay moist and break down better palatability. Our roast options include:

Chuck Roast 2-3 lbs $6.99
Cross Rib Roast 2-3 lbs $7.99
Tri Tip 2 lbs $16.99
London Broil Roast 2-3 lbs $9.99
Brisket 2-3 lbs $9.99
Prime Rib Roast
4-6 lbs $16.99

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We have two options of ribs. Short Ribs are cross cut to one inch from the meaty, upper rib section. Back Ribs come in racks of approximately 10 ribs 5 – 6 inches in length.

Short Ribs 2″ 3-4 $7.99
Back Ribs Half Rack 1 $4.99

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Ground, Stew Meat, Stir Fry/Fajita Strips, Sausage

Our Ground Meat is ground from the excess meat we don’t have cut into steaks or roasts and trimmings from throughout the carcass. We’ve had great reviews of our ground meat and it is one of our best sellers.

Stew Meat are 1 x 1 inch chunks of meat from the chuck. Extremely popular for stews and often sells out quickly.

Ground Beef (20% fat) 1 lb $7.99
Stew Meat 1 lb $7.99
Chorizo Sausage
Ingredients: Spices (hot), red wine, vinegar, salt, garlic, cherry powder, cane sugar, in a hog casing.
~ 1 lb pack $9.50/pack
Italian Sausage
Ingredients: Spices (mild), red wine, vinegar, salt, garlic, cherry powder, cane sugar, in sheep or hog casing.
~ 1 lb pack $9.50/pack

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Offal, a term used to describe the internal organs and various entrails of the beef, are considered delicacies. We offer three of the more popular choices from this category; heart, tongue, and oxtail.

Oxtail 1 $7.99
Tongue 1 $6.99
Cheeks 1 $7.99
Heart 1 $4.99
Liver l lb $4.99

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Shank & Other Bones

Cross-cut shanks are a popular braising meat option. The bone marrow adds a level of flavor complexity to stew recipes. Of our three options, the Cross-cut Shank is the only one that has meat still attached to the bone.

Shanks – Cross-cut 1 – 1.5″ $5.99/lb
Marrow Bones  ~ 2 lbs $2.99/lb
Assorted Soup Bones ~ 5 lb bag $1.99/lb

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