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At TomKat Ranch, we’re dedicated to the health and preservation of our land and our community. Originally, our cattle have primarily functioned as a conservation tool. Using solar powered electric fences, the land is monitored carefully using holistic planned grazing practices to avoid any overgrazing. By following these practices, we have brought back native grasses, helped reduce erosion and decrease our carbon footprint.

When the decision to produce grass-fed beef was made, it wasn’t taken lightly. Therefore, we set the highest priority on guaranteeing to potential customers that our cattle are raised in the most socially aware, morally conscientious, sustainable grass-pasture environment possible.

From the start, our mission at TomKat Ranch was to:

  • Assure our cattle have free access to natural forages, fresh air and clean water
  • Avoid the use of antibiotics and hormones
  • Guarantee a 100% grain-free diet—grass fed, grass finished
  • Raise our cattle in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards
  • Not use any chemicals to avoid an adverse impact on the health of our ecosystem
  • Protect, enhance, and conserve soil resources, water resources, and biodiversity
  • Provide a safe and fair working environment for our employees

And did we succeed? Yes!

We have met and surpassed all of the requirements for certification and the right to proudly display the seals of the American Grassfed Association, the Food Alliance, and Animal Welfare Approved.

TomKat Ranch believes strongly in the common objectives of these organizations.

  • Animals must be able to behave naturally and be in a state of physical and psychological well being
  • Guarantee product integrity, no genetically-engineered or artificial ingredients
  • Conserve energy, reduce and recycle waste
  • Support safe and fair working conditions
  • Ensure healthy, humane animal treatment
  • Continually improve management practices

You can find out more about our Certification process here.

We are not only dedicated to our animals and our environment, but also our local community. The following are a few programs that TomKat is closely participating in:

  • La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District’s new healthy school meal program (see this month’s menu, go to:
  • CuriOdyssey day campers visit the ranch to learn about sustainable agriculture and life on a ranch
  • Pescadero Middle School is utilizing a staff member from TomKat Ranch to learn more about fitness and nutrition
  • Supporting our local education foundation by opening the ranch for their annual garden tour fundraiser
  • Benefactor to the Pilarcitos Continuation High School Garden in Half Moon Bay
  • Sponsor for the local Driscoll Rodeo

The owners and employees of the TomKat Ranch

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