USF California Prize: OneCalifornia Bank and Foundation

OneCalifornia Bank and Foundation, an affiliation of the TomKat Ranch, was awarded the University of San Francisco’s California Prize for Service and the Common Good.

A for-profit bank owned by its nonprofit foundation, OneCalifornia engages in charitable and educational activities, including programs and grants to stimulate community development, encourage affordable housing, alleviate economic distress, and increase financial literacy for disadvantaged communities and organizations in California.

You can read more about it here -> OneCalifornia Bank and Foundation: 2010 USF California Prize Winner

Understanding beef cuts

Some day we hope to have our own series to help customers understand beef cuts. But for now, here’s a great video series that takes viewers through the cutting process. Compliments of and

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A good education starts in the belly.

Kathy of the TomKat Ranch with Regina and Maria of the school district's lunch staff

Part of what we do at the TomKat Ranch, home of Leftcoast Grassfed, through the TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation is work to improve the student meal program at the local La Honda-Pescadero Unified School district. A big inspiration for that comes from the work Chez Panisse Foundation and Center for Ecoliteracy are doing with the Berkeley Unified School district’s meal program.

Now, a recent study by UC Berkeley proves children’s lives can be positively impacted by such programs and we’re glad to hear it. But there’s more we, and you can do. Congress has taken up the cause of improving school meal programs, but hearing inspiring comments from voters about how important food education and proper diet are to the lives of children is vital to making sure Congress does it right.

So please, if you have a moment, call your Representative, go see them if they’re near you on a campaign stop, or drop them an email and ask them to get cracking on S.3307 – Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act legislation.  The Bill isn’t perfect. It only adds about 6 cents per lunch and required restructuring the food stamp program to come up with the money, but it’s an important step to combating the child obesity epidemic affecting the nation.

Our first Farmer’s Market – Grass-fed Beef for sale

Leftcoast Grassfed at the Coastside Farmers Market - Grass-fed beef for sale

Under the cool, fog-layered morning sky, Kathy, Mike and Jessie broke out the tent and Leftcoast Grassfed banner and officially opened for business. It was our first farmer’s market and all were curious about how our grass-fed beef would be received. Happily, sales were brisk and many people were interested not only in our cuts for sale, but the entire issue behind the grass-fed beef movement.

Mike and Kathy were happy to oblige all comers and by the end of the day, not only was our grass-fed beef well received as sales proved, but we’re confident many shoppers at the Coastside Farmer’s market in Half Moon Bay are more aware of the health and environmental benefits of grass-fed beef and the sustainable ranching movement.

Keep an eye out for Leftcoast Grassfed at a farmer’s market near you by following our tweets or Facebook page, and don’t forget keep it local!.

Leftcoast Grassfed Beef is here!

We are very excited to announce that our first round of grass-fed beef is in!

For those who have already placed an order, you should have received an email and invitation to a complimentary cooking demostration by Chef Vollmar here at the TomKat Ranch.

Chef Charles Vollmar is a popular chef, cooking instructor, foods and wellness consultant, writer, lifestyle coach and owner of Epicurean Exchange.  An honors graduate of the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, his classes and work emphasize essential skill and technique, wellness, prevention, and lifestyle enrichment topics relating to cooking, nutrition, fitness, and foods appreciation and exploration.

Space is limited and reserved for those who have already purchased one of our packages and RSVP is essential.

For those that want to purchase Leftcoast Grassfed beef and get in on this chance to be instructed by a professional chef while there’s still time, please call 650-879-1115.

For more information on our products please visit our “Ordering” page.

Green Beef: A Story of Grass Fed Beef

Green Beef: A Story of Grass Fed Beef is an upcoming news magazine style documentary by Michael Crupain of Even this short trailer helps to explain the grass-fed movement and why it’s so important.

Check it out:

Green Beef: A Story of Grass Fed Beef from TheDairyShow.Com on Vimeo.

Preserving A Ranch

One of the goals of the TomKat Ranch is to preserve the land and the ranch so it can continue to be a productive part of localized, sustainable food production. We think it’s a worthy and critical goal at a time when, according to Greg Plotkin of, “Every minute of every day, two acres of farmland in the United States are lost to development.” The frightening aspect of that trend, as Greg points out, is that; More »

Leftcoast Grassfed pays Pacific School a visit

Mike and Kathy from the TomKat Ranch chow down on some Leftcoast Grassfed beef tacos with Stephanie Raugust and Noel Bock of the Pacific School

TomKat Ranch, LLC, donates, delivers and helps serve up Leftcoast Grassfed ground beef to the Pacific Elementary School in Davenport, California.

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More grassfed facts from Eatwild

From – Grassfarming Benefits the Environment

When properly managed, raising animals on pasture instead of factory farms is a net benefit to the environment. To begin with, a diet of grazed grass requires much less fossil fuel than a feedlot diet of dried corn and soy. On pasture, grazing animals do their own fertilizing and harvesting. The ground is covered with greens all year round, so it does an excellent job of harvesting solar energy and holding on to top soil and moisture. As you will read in the bulletins below, grazed pasture removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere more effectively than any land use, including forestland and ungrazed prairie, helping to slow global warming.

Read the entire article

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We offer three different packages for your convenience. Choose from our 50 pound box of assorted meat cuts, 25 pounds of assorted meat cuts, and 25 pounds of ground beef.

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