And a happy grass-fed Holiday to you!

What’s that you say? That certain Holiday is still more then a month away! OK, fair enough. But that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about gift-giving ideas. So, in that vein, why not consider a couple of unique recipe books featuring our favorite subject – grass-fed cooking?
What’s that you’re thinking? Sounds like a great idea! Good, then here are two terrific options from a wonderful source – Shannon Hayes of Sap Bush Hollow Farm in New York. We found these books ‘deliciously’ useful and thought they would make a fantastic gift giving (or maybe getting?) idea.

Fast Food Facts

We’ve spent some time and effort — and utilized the expertise of Kathy here at the TomKat Ranch — to try and improve the local school meal program.  And we’re proud to say we’ve achieved this with great success. But assuring kids are eating properly goes way beyond the doors of the local school system. And that got us thinking, “What if we offered helpful online information and resources for parents taking the nutritional lead from there?” After all, the fast food industry spent a staggering $4.2 billion on marketing campaigns targeting, in part, our children.

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